Develop with Imbricate

Imbricate is a open source project managed under the Imbricate GitHub Organization / Package Status.

Imbricate Structure

Imbricate are separated by three layers.

Frontend Interface

The Frontend Interface is the user interface that users interact with. It consumes a or multiple Imbricate origins that build to implements the Imbricate Core TypeScript structure. See example of the Imbricate CLI.

Imbricate Core

The Imbricate Core is the core of the Imbricate framework. It is a TypeScript structure that defines the data structure and the operations that can be performed on the data. See source code of the Imbricate Core.

Backend Origin

The Backend Origin is the data storage and retrieval layer. It is responsible for storing and retrieving data from a data store. To provide features such as storing, searching, scripting and etc. See example of the Imbricate File System Origin.

Stack API

The Stack API is an API standard interface that can be used to develop a generic server-side management solution for Imbricate, and reuse the infrastructure Stack API Origin. See Imbricate Stack API.

As a server side is capable of the API schema of the Stack API, any Imbricate interface could point to the server via Imbricate Stack API Origin.

To implement the Stack API so that it can be used by the Imbricate stack-api origin, follow the API guide of the Imbricate Stack API Guide