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Imbricate is a framework to build document storage and sharing platform. With Imbricate, we provides a way to manage your documents that you have full control with your data, and how what platform, interface you want to using them.

Package Status

Quick Start

The Imbricate VSCode extension is the fastest way to get started with Imbricate. Install the extension from the VSCode Marketplace.

You can also use the Imbricate CLI, which is the more functional way to get started with Imbricate. Install the CLI using npm:

With any terminal shell, run the following command.

npm install -g imbricate

Interested in something other than a CLI? Check out the Awesome Imbricate list for what our community built.

Use Imbricate

Staring using Imbricate only takes minutes.

See the Use Imbricate guide.

Develop with Imbricate

Find out the fundamentals of the design of Imbricate framework. Learn how to build your own interface or origin.

See the Develop with Imbricate guide.

Documenting with Imbricate

Imbricate added support for Imbricate Quill a extension of VSCode to provide AI powered writing experience, while you are writing your document.